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Manufacturers/Supplemental Rebate Info

Sovereign States Drug Consortium

Please visit the website to complete and submit the Supplemental Rebate Offer spreadsheet. The multi-state pool is open for negotiations for agreements that become effective January 1st annually. As a result, the Consortium has established deadlines for the submission of initial completed Supplemental Rebate Offers. Offers received after that date will not be considered until the next annual open offer period. The only potential exceptions will be for new products subsequently entering the market. The Member States of the SSDC will not present any bids for Preferred Drug List (PDL) consideration without signed agreements.

Any questions regarding how to submit bids may be directed to the SSDC Negotiations Team at GHS via email at

Rebate/Technical Information

Shari Martin
Change Healthcare
P.O. Box 1090
45 Commerce Drive, Suite 5
Augusta, Maine 04332-1090

Drug Rebate Checks

P.O. Box 850195
Minneapolis, MN 55485-0195

Street Address

Lockbox Services - #0910195
1801 Parkview Dr. 1st Floor
Shoreview, MN 55126

Make checks payable to: Iowa Medicaid: Drug Rebate

Companies wishing to discuss opportunities for Supplemental Rebates should visit the website for Manufacturers and Supplemental Rebates or call the Supplemental Rebate Coordinator at (877) 399-8556.

If you have questions or comments about the Iowa Medicaid Preferred Drug List (PDL) that are not presently addressed on this website, for the quickest response, send an e-mail to All submissions to this email address become public documents. Comments are posted on the website with hardcopies of the comments presented to the P&T Committee members at each meeting.

Mailing Address

Iowa Medicaid
1305 East Walnut Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50309-0114

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No documents available at this time